When someone’s life ends, endless estate tasks begin. The responsibilities of disposing of an estate can be overwhelming. The countless tasks involved are time-consuming and stressful. And trying to maximize your return adds more pressure.

Who we are. Help With My Estate provides a variety of services to help you with your estate properties. Our expertise in every step of the process eases the burden and maximizes the profit. Licensed, certified, and insured, we are professionals who can make this difficult time easier.

Why HouseLogic NY

Professionals with more than 75 combined Years Experience in Real Estate, appraising, selling, marketing, staging, in the five boroughs of New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island)

  • One stop shopping for cleanouts & mantainance.
  • Results driven personal service.
  • Property Valuations prepared by certified appraisers using the latesttechnologies.
  • Licensed, Certified, and Insured.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.Please review our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.







Personal Property


Help With My Estate is here to help you maximize the potential of your inherited property giving you peace of mind.

We focus exclusively on handling the real estate and personal estate needs for both executors and their attorneys. While many other real estate and appraisal firms split their time and attention between various real estate and property matters, we offer dependable and convenient service all under one roof. Our approach is unique in that we provide services associated with maintaining, maximizing and marketing the inherited estate property of our clients. We employ a staff of professionals who have many decades of experience in their respective fields and we are always working to earn the trust of our customers. Our service fees are predicated on a variety of factors and we will provide you with free quote in writing for whatever services you require.


Len Baldasano

Len Baldassano, is a licensed real estate broker and certified residential   real estate appraiser with more than 25 years of industry experience. Len entered into the estate business after experiencing complications when he inherited a property. Unfortunately the team chosen to handle the property was inadequate and left much to be desired. However, this experience proved valuable  giving Len the first-hand knowledge needed to handle an estate property.

Realizing the need for dependable, convenient and affordable service all under one roof, Len formed Help With My Estate.
Help With My Estate addresses all of the tedious and time consuming tasks associated with handling an estate property. It strives to  helping clients achieve the maximum potential of their property.

Len began in his real estate career as an investor and later worked as a licensed salesperson in 1998. He has been appraising for 15 years and has consulted with more than 30 lending institutions as well as real estate investors, attorneys, and individuals. As a New York State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser and a licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Len specializes in applying both his appraisal expertise and marketing skills to brokering inherited properties.

He is appointed to Part 31 of the New York State Supreme Court, has testified as an expert witness and has served as a litigation consultant in appraisal, real estate, and valuation matters. He is also Licensed as Real Estate Appraisal Instructor, and Real Estate Broker Instructor.  He is on the panel of FHA (HUD) approved appraisers and the (VA) Veterans Affairs.

Affairs graduate of Fordham University, Len has earned credits towards an MBA at St. John's University and is a current member of the Columbia Society of Real Estate Appraisers, and the National Association of Appraisers.

Yvette Aviles

Yvette Aviles is an estate coordinator who brings more than 20 years of experience to Help With My Estate. Her area of expertise in the marketing and selling of antique furniture is a valuable asset to many of those who have used our services .During her career, Yvette has also used her designer skills to conceive various residential renovation projects for individual household owners who have successfully sold their houses for higher than asking prices. She also provides drawings and for each project which helps homeowners envision the project Yvette has graduated with a degree in Interior Design at the Sheffield School of Interior Design in New York, and is certified in AutoCad. She studied drafting and blueprint reading at the Institute of Design and Construction, in Brooklyn, New York and has completed the 45 hour course in compliance with the New York State Law at the Real Estate School in Brooklyn, New York. She is a member of the National Association of Sales Professional (NASP), Business Book Summaries and U.S Women's Chamber of Commerce.


Our firm specializes in providing home appraisals for a variety of personal, legal, and tax related issues.

Help With My Estate has experienced real estate appraisers on staff to help determine the value of these properties. All our appraisers are certified by the NY Dept. of State. A certified appraiser ensures that, whether you decide to sell, mortgage, or keep a property, its worth is correctly and fairly valued. Meeting with an appraiser is a good first step to start the process of making intelligent decisions to dispose of property, whether it’s a house, artwork, or antiques. Make sure you are selling your inherited property at full value.



When you put a house on the market to sell or rent, it’s no secret that how it looks to potential buyers or renters can make a big difference. Help those who view your property to imagine their life in the home or apartment by hiring a professional to make your home look spacious, appealing, and family-friendly. Our Home staging professionals use both the decorative and psychological impacts of color and furniture placement to make sure your home looks welcoming and attractive to bidders.



Sorting through the personal items of a departed loved one often is one of the most emotionally challenging aspects an inheritor faces.

Whether you need to take your time in deciding what to keep, or simply want to clear out a home as soon as possible, we will provide you with an estate organizer who will help you to coordinate this process. If you would prefer to donate items, transfer them to a storage facility, or even incorporate them into staging the home, our estate organizer will answer your questions, offer advice, and make all the arrangements. Hiring an estate organizer to suggest which items to keep or donate, or simply rearrange furniture for a more modern touch it will enhance the property’s value and attract the best offers for your house. House Logic NY has expert organizers who will coordinate and do all the heavy lifting for you.



Have you inherited a vacant property that is in desperate need renovation?

Are you convinced that the peeling paint, the uncut lawn, or snow covered sidewalk would present a hazard and detract from the home’s value? Whether you’re selling a house or moving your own family in, contacting a maintenance service to assess any damage, offer estimates for repairs, and get to work restoring a home in a timely manner during the long probate process is an excellent first step to take. If you’d like someone to examine the electrics, or fix a leak in the roof, our maintenance services can help. We can also arrange financing for these much needed repairs that will maintain the value your property, and even arrange for insurance coverage that will protect your inheritance during the long probate process.



When you have decided to rent out a home you’ve inherited, you are faced with a thousand questions at once: How can you find reliable renters? What should a solid renter application look like? How much of a deposit should you require? If you need answers to these questions about renting in NYC, or simply need help placing an ad for your home to rent, we have the fast and reliable answers. You may be simply trying to decide if renting your home out is a better financial decision for you than selling it. We can do an analysis based on current market information to help you with that decision. We do our best to take the confusion out of the rental scene.



When you are named an inheritor, endless estate tasks begin. ..Including the sale or disposal of valuable personal property.

We will provide an expert property appraiser to determine the value of any sellable items in the home, whether antiques, or works of art. We can even prepare an inventory of personal property for legal purposes, and even arranging delivering of these items to other inheritors. Hiring an efficient estate organizer to assist with these tasks can make all the difference — and can help to prevent legal or personal headaches.


Adam Kalish, Esq

“Help With My Estate has done multiple appraisals for my clients to determine values for partition actions, date of death appraisals for Estate matters and purchase points for sales. I would recommend Lenny to anyone in need of an appraisal.„
Adam Kalish, Esq.

Erin A. Cummings, Esq

“Our law office regularly represents estate inheritors, and Help With My Estate makes the entire process easy and efficient for our clients. I would highly recommend their services.„
Erin A. Cummings, Esq.

Gwen Mckenzie

“When I was named executor, Help With My Estate worked to help organize all the little details of settling the estate - from the sale of a valuable painting, to the clean out, staging and appraisal, to ultimately getting multiple above-asking-price offers on the property! I was very pleased with my experience and would recommend Help With My Estate for anyone inheriting a property.„
Gwen Mckenzie.


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